Thursday, May 8, 2008

Play With Your Toys Dammit!

Since I started the new job, my brain cells were used to learn and I haven't been reading or posting. I miss y'all even if all the cool kids went to camp at Ravelry. Do I really need to link to it?
Seems every time I take a small hiatus from blogging, I miss major events in every one's lives. I hate when that happens. Don't you love that WTF feeling?

When I first got the job, I treated myself to 2 purchases of yarn. I'm waiting for Revenge to come any time now, and I'm having much fun perusing patterns for it. I'm also on the verge of an FO that is actually larger than a dishcloth! I may even be able to wear it in public.

While I was still trying to strike a balance in life between the job and the toys, something wonderful arrived from Jessie’s store. The color is called Tie Dye and it's the only one of its kind. Let me just say na na na nana na :p
It was one of those rare times when I happened to be browsing the store and it was just put up. I was devastated when I, in a rush to get my hands on the yarn, snipped three stands in the hank while cutting the package open. I wanted to slap myself. Luckily, the snips were close enough together that I lost only 12 inches and have only 1 knot linking it back together. Duh, the packaging had a perforated strip to open it. Fiber induced frenzy there.

Anyway, behold the colors of Tie Dye!

I made yarn spaghetti. Someone really needs to buy me a swift please.

Then I made a yarn cake.

This is a nice fingering weight superwash that feels so fine. And get this. It was dyed by an 8 year old. Gawd. I sure hope she takes up pattern designing, imagine.

I have 500 things to talk about, yet I can't seem to put a sentence together. I'm quite happy, but feel quite subdued. My 8th sense tells me something ominous is afoot. ~snort~Isaidafoot


Melody said...

mmmm. spaghetti & cake.
that yarn is GORGEOUS and really and 8year old? I have a 9yr old! hmmm maybe i'll put him to work!
watch out opening those yarn shipments & scissors in the future you nut!
be well !!

Bezzie said...

Good lord, I can't believe you wound from that pile o'yarn! YIKES!

Marina said...

Ooo, pretty colours!

Have you tried a lamp with a shade that spins freely when you loosen the nut that holds it together?

Bridget said...

Pretty yarn!

I'm glad you're still here - I was beginning to think you'd been sucked into a black hole or something ...

hillary said...

There you are! I missed your posts but that pile of spaghetti scares me. You are a brave woman!

Meg Kribble said...

Pretty! Enjoy knitting it up.

We'll send the camp bus to pick you up! :)

Michelle said...

Didn't realize you were a chef too! :)
Just think I can indulge in your spaghetti and cake and still stay on my diet :)
You Rock!

Lynn said...

that is some beautiful yarn! I love the colors in it. and I cant wait to see what you're making that is bigger than a washcloth!!

Roseann said...

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and I hope you received a swift as a well-deserved gift. I have used a lamp with lampshade top loosened as a swift (I read about it somewhere) and it worked pretty well.

Robin said...

Wow on that yarn spaghetti - I can't believe you ultimately tamed it into such a neat ball! I would have given up and thrown it out, despite its prettiness!

ladylinoleum said...

Beautiful yarn girlie!

Jenni said...


Don't feel bad about the'll get back into once things settle down. I've been scarce too the last few months.

She sure is strange! said...

I can't wait to see what it becomes!!! And to see the FO too.

I'm feeling a bit like the miller's daughter, spinning and spinning(aka cleaning and sorting) all this straw.... It isn't gold yet, waaaaah!

Bridget said...

Hiya again! I just tagged you for a meme, so if you are so inclined, meme away! :-)

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Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer said...

How did you ever get out of that noodle bowl?