Friday, February 15, 2008

My FL-Week 7 The News Edition

In my lame attempt to keep this up without the aid of decent photographs or knitting content, I decided to show you the local tidbits we have to offer here in South Florida. These are actual headlines from my local e-news right here. As always, opinions are included free of charge.

Fine dining.

Doral Chili's Closed For Violations Reopens Next Day
The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation issued 16 violations after finding at least 10 live roaches at the bar and kitchen areas.

Finding 10 dead roaches would have been better?

Coconut Grove Businesses To Stop Selling Alcohol At 3 A.M.
COCONUT GROVE, Fla. -- The city of Miami announced that it will force Coconut Grove businesses to stop serving alcohol at 3 a.m., two hours earlier than normal.

Oh this will help (see Double WTF? Below)


Concert At Seminole Hard Rock Rescheduled After Gas Leak
HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- A spokesman says tonight's Paul Anka concert at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has been postponed because of a nearby natural gas leak.

We have natural gas fields in the area?, seriously, I’d like a discount at the pump please.


Miami-Dade Police Shoot Storeowner

A storeowner responding to an alarm at his business on Thursday morning ended up being shot by Miami-Dade police officers, officials said.

If your alarm goes off, let the professionals handle it.

You’re gonna need a bigger boat

Miami Commissioner, Police Chief Rally To Ban AK-47s
AK-47 assault rifles can shoot through a police vest or even through a car, and police said they're flooding Miami streets.

That’s why they always shoot first, see article above

Our Heroes

Firefighters Find Burned Body Beside Road
MIAMI -- Firefighters responding to a brush fire on Wednesday night found a burned body along Krome Avenue.


Man Found Lying Dead On Side Of Davie Road
DAVIE, Fla. -- The search was on for the hit-and-run driver who killed a man in Davie on Wednesday morning.

Double WTF?

At 10:50 PM, The old man and I heard this for ourselves.
S. Fla. Residents Clean Up After Overnight Storms
Property was damaged after a tornado ripped through Broward County, and Miami-Dade County residents were dealing with power outages after fallen trees knocked out power lines on Wednesday.

Have a plan people.


Even After Zednik's Injury, Don't Expect Neck Guards In NHL
CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. -- After a skate blade sliced into Richard Zednik's neck, Jassen Cullimore's jersey was splattered with blood as he helped his Florida Panthers teammate off the stained ice.

Pretty bad ass for Florida hockey, no? Does my hockey lovin heart proud.

Family fun

Family Finds Metal Blade In Valentine Lollipop
LAKELAND, Fla. -- Parents are being warned to check their children's Valentine treats carefully after a Florida family found a metal blade in a lollipop.

We know how to keep our kids in line.

You get the idea. And you wonder why I’m cranky? Don’t worry, if you’re planning a trip here, we have our good souls too.

Good Samaritans Save Pit Bull Found Stuffed In Dumpster
A pit bull is recovering after being stabbed and left for dead in Hollywood.

Don’t we have the nicest people here? Bless their hearts.

This concludes the local news edition of my Florida. Next week, pretty pictures of palm trees and blue skies.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

C C!

Coffee, the second thing I thought of when Vicki said she was hosting the ABC Along this year.

Krista/aka The Coffee Spaz, sent me a New Year's gift of coffee. It was a party in a box I tell ya, confetti everywhere. I still see a glimmer of it now and again. She sent it cause that's just the kind of girl that she is. mwahhhh Krista! I lift my mug to you!

C is also for Cake, Margene’s B as in Blueberry Crumb Cake. Margene, it was delicious! The old man was very impressed and now about 5 lbs heavier for knowing this sweetness. I shouldn't complain, I got one whole piece!

My favorite C word, no, I'm not going to cuss, is Contest! You have until Valentine's day to enter

Gnat’s Contest to win some yarny goodies by kissing and telling. She just wants to know how you and your mate met. On to the next thing before I get in trouble...

Crochet, taught to me by my mom when I was about 6 or 7. I am left handed, she was right handed. When she gave me the hook I grabbed it with my left hand and mom much later told me she thought "Oh shit, how am I gonna teach this kid to crochet?" Her solution, she told me to hold it in the other hand like it was as natural as sunshine and I didn't think twice of it. I crochet right handed and knit continental as the yarn is held the same way. I still own some very Kitchy magazines from the 70s, so don't piss me off, I may crochet you a hot pink Phentex Granny Squared Toilet Tissue Cozy.

With a poodle on top...

Here's what I really have been hooking. Not a light hearted crochet, but just the same I feel the need to make these for a while. Blogless Debbie has become a factory making these in all kinds of pretty colors. These are bereavement gowns and they have brought on thoughtful conversation between us. Trying to come up with matching booties and bonnets, we want these to look just right and feel quite thankful for even the snottiest moments teens have to offer their parents.

Patterns for gowns are at Bev’s.

The bonnet and botties were my own design.

C is also for Caring

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My FL-Week 6

Hillary's My state series is rolling right along to week 6 already! I'm eventually going to run out of stock photos and will have to start taking more. It's hard when you don't get out much (by choice) and as Marin would say, by you, I mean me. These are a few photos taken at one of the sales meetings I attended with my previous employer. I'm only spotlighting the holtel itself, as I don't have time to call all 200+ people who attended to ask if it's OK to post their pictures to all 6 of my readers. Besides, I have a reputation to maintain.

I miss my peeps! Last February, we had our sales meeting at La Playa, an upscale golf resort in Naples (west coast), this place was a pleasure to party my fool ass off stay at. Here's the view driving in.

This is what's on the other side:

A real treat since I live 5 miles from the beach and haven't set foot on it in years.

My room.

The view from the balcony.

One of the few pools.

While on the back patio, a friend and I drooled over this house accross the waterway.
That is someone's house dude!

WARNING: This is not for the faint of heart, take your quick glance, then look away!

This was on the wall at breakfast and it was 5-6" wide!

Ha! And they say everything's bigger in Texas!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This is Your Brain on Blogs

87%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Thanks Norma, I just haaaad to know. Now I'm worried I'll get virtual air in my veins. Isn't that dangerous?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My New House of Technobabble

Knit-and-Run now publishes here. I wanted the newer functionality Blogger has to offer and the new name suits me. I spent a few hours adding pics to Flickr and Ravelry, both under the name of btrulyirish. Had I known there would be so much user id ing, I would have waited and kept one name for everything-it just seems messy to me.

Speaking of messy, I dug out photos of the day I faced my stash last July:



WIP: How long to log all this into Ravelry? I may never know. These two afghans were made eons ago, but hey, they're finished. I may even make a new Stitch Sampler afghan since the old one is showing its age.

Stitch Sampler Afghan pattern from: Afghans for All Seasons

A simple sc/ch3 pattern just to try the knotted fringe.

Leave it to a numbknit to post crochet on a knit blog.